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Property owners are expected to maintain their premises and ensure that it is safe for any guest that may enter. For private properties, an owner must make sure that their home is safe, including their pool, so that an injury or accident can be prevented. If a hazard presents itself, it is the property owner’s responsibility to fix this danger to maintain the level of safety.

For public property owners, this task is often much more difficult. While they must make sure that their property is safe from imminent dangers, such as broken handrails or cracked flooring, they must also ensure that the lighting is sufficient, that the floors are not slippery, and that the property is properly secured. At Pyle Law, a Ada, KS personal injury attorney can help you do just that.

Common Cases of Premises Liability

Making a premises liability claim is more common than many people think. Contrary to popular belief, these claims are not exclusive to incidents in which a person was injured in a fall that occurred on another person’s private property – although this, too, is grounds for a claim of this nature. In addition, there are dozens of other instances in which filing a premises liability claim will be deemed necessary, some of which include:

Amusement Park Injuries
From the rides they house to the grounds upon which they are built, amusement parks present many dangers to patrons of them. Unfortunately, theme parks that are designed for fun are not always designed with as much safety as possible. The result can be hazardous equipment, dangerous pathways, overcrowding, and more. If you were injured at an amusement park, you can hold the park responsible for compensating the injuries that you sustained.

Assaults at Stadiums
When fans get rowdy or have too much to drink they can become aggressive. From the destruction of property to verbal assault, to physical abuse, assault at a stadium can take shape in many forms. Victims of assault at a stadium can hold the stadium’s security negligently responsible.

Bounce House Injuries
Every year, thousands of children are injured in bounce house accidents. The popular attraction can appear deceivingly safe, given the cushioned nature of bounce houses; however, the rough-housing, lack of supervision, and instability associated with the utilization of some bounce houses have resulted in serious injury to the persons who use them. Supervisors, renters, businesses, and installers should all be investigated in order to determine who is responsible for the accident and injuries that resulted.

Dog Bites
These types of injuries often happen on private property when a homeowner fails to keep their dog in a safe area and away from people should the dog be known to be dangerous. Even a dog that may seem friendly can have a temper if provoked, and the property owner may be held responsible.

Security Negligence
This type of negligent behavior is characterized by a property owner’s failure to maintain a secure premise. If the property is in a known area of crime, the property owner should take additional measures to ensure the safety of his or her property. If the property owner fails to do so, the customers are at risk for serious personal injury or wrongful death.

Slip & Fall
When a property owner or a person working on a property fails to mark the wet floor with signs, they are allowing their customers to be susceptible to slip and fall accidents. These accidents can also occur due to hazardous materials on the floor or icy sidewalks.

Swimming Pool Accidents
Swimming pools and the areas surrounding them are filled with inherent dangers that have the potential to cause serious injury. If hazards such as unsafe drains, slippery walkways, toxic amounts of chemicals, and unsupervised areas are avoided, accidents can be avoided as well. It is when these conditions are not properly cared for, however, that accidents, injuries, and deaths most often result. When this is the case, our personal injury attorneys will be on hand to help you claim compensation.

If you were injured in a mishap such as one of the incidents described above, we urge you to waste no time in contacting our firm today. Working one-on-one with a Ada, KS injury attorney from our office can ensure that you take the legal action necessary to try to help you recover compensation for an injury that was wrongfully sustained in a premises liability case.

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There are four basic elements to any premises liability claim:

  1. An injury
  2. The injury must have occurred on the property of another
  3. Negligence on behalf of the owner of that property
  4. That negligence must have contributed to the injury

A Ada, KS premise liability attorney from our firm can evaluate your case and find the evidence necessary to prove these four elements and secure your maximum financial compensation for your injuries. The experienced trial lawyers at Pyle Law always fight to see that their clients get the recovery that they deserve. If you believe that you have a premises liability case on your hands, please contact a Ada, KS premises liability lawyer from our firm today.

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