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Defective Products

Ada, KS Product Liability Attorney

Were you injured due to a defective product? Was this product approved for consumer use before you suffered an injury, illness, or loss of a loved one? Under the direction of a Ada, KS personal injury attorney at Pyle Law, you and your family can get the help you need as you pursue a claim for the compensation you deserve.

On a regular basis, the US Food and Drug Administration, along with many other federal product regulation organizations, recalls dangerous drugs and products. When a product is deemed dangerous without yielding actual proof of the danger, a warning may just be issued to companies who carry the product – not to the consumer who has purchased the product.

Some common products that are recalled include defective auto parts and tires, child car seats, children’s toys, Remington rifles, food and drug products, electronics, and other devices. Virtually any type of product, no matter how significant or not, has the opportunity to be recalled due to the dangers it may present. If you have suffered from a product that has been recalled recently, you need the help of a Ada, KS injury lawyer from our firm. Call us today to schedule your free, initial consultation to further discuss the matters of your case.

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Some common injuries associated with product defects include injuries caused by choking, broken bones, cuts, and wrongful death. Additionally, many dangerous drugs and medical products can lead to serious and irreversible conditions and death.

We can help you prove that the manufacturing company acted negligently by creating a defective design, defective manufacture, or created a defect in the marketing of the product, such as the failure to warn a person of the dangers. Do not hesitate to call our experienced law firm right away to understand more about cases that involve product liability law and how we can help you. Contact a Ada, KS product liability attorney from our firm for the help you need.

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